Something Blue

by Annandale Heights

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Annandale Heights is:

Will DesMarais - Vocals, Guitar
Daniel Dugan - Vocals, Guitar
Hunter Lyons - Bass
Andrew Hardee - Drums


released August 30, 2015

Engineer: Jose Gonzalez.
Mixed and Mastered by: Jose Gonzalez



all rights reserved


Annandale Heights Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: Intro
Is this all a waste?
The ground is harder than it taste.
And I'm done with these mistakes.
You say the plan is sit and wait.
You know I don't beleive in fate.

Stay, it's all that you can think to say.
As you shake and turn away.
Should I take a stand?
Would you do another thing like this?
I can't forget what you let happen.

But would you do it again?
Track Name: Stormtroopers
I've been here for too long.
With the mere excuse of such a clearly broken trust.
My dear, i wrote this song to be, an anthem full of glee.
For those who seem unhappy.
And that's who I was.

Out of sight and out of mind.
For another so called last time.

I'm just trying to make a stormtrooper feel a little bit better.
About the fact that he never gets his way.
It's safe to say I'm better of this way.
Living in a galaxy far away.

You can let this all get to your head.
Or forget it all instead.
I wonder where you've been, again.
And I am just as new to this as you.
But I'll try to show you that you're not alone this time.

If you'll let me stay.
Track Name: 19
Learning the hard way again and again.
I don't like to think that the ink leaves the pen.
The sky's never been so clear.
And I've never felt so distant from here.

I've been running, but always end up right back where I started.
Can't you see I'm doing all I can?
But it's never enough, so I begin to see.
That this place isn't for me.

As ships sail away, I'm still stuck in the sand.
Time has a grip beyond reach of my hand.
The last thing i need is a reason.
To give up on what I believe in.

And what I think so far,
is I'm 19 and just tired.
I hate that there's a routine,
that fits down to the wire.

And the rain keeps falling down.
But i'm lying on the ground.
And I've gotta keep now.

Oh I've gotta get up now.
Track Name: Camping Trip
"There's a melody that's been playing in my head.
La da da da da da da da da."
She said.
But you're no queen and there's no castle.
You and me ain't worth the hassle.
So now i'm singing.

You're gone, so gone.
From reality, can't you see?
That you've been falling over everything we couldn't be.
You're gone, so gone.
And you can tell me the truth.
Just don't say more than you have to.

Late night conversations always start like this.
"La da da da da da da da da."
Slow down!
It's only been seven days.
I don't feel the same about you.
Like you think that I do.
What else is there to say?
The colors all turn gray.
And my friends they tell me to stay away.
The sign says please don't touch.
And now you've said too much.
So now I'm singing.
Track Name: Forlorn
Put on your best dress.
It could be for the last time.
I don't want to forget you.

We fight, but there's no wrong or right.
If I fall, or I climb too high, or let this just die.
Would the air be too cold without you by my side?

And I want to find a safe place to hide
every selfish part of me in my mind.
Cause this isn't who I want to be...
I'm searching for the man in me.

So put on your best dress.
It could be for the last time.
I don't want to forget you.

Remember our first kiss?
And every moment we spent back then
use to mean everything.

Where we stand wasn't quite where we planned
on being by now.
And it's a shame, or at least that's what you say.
When you have to hold on, and just hope that she's strong.

And I know you don't want me to go.
This is taking a toll on me too.
And all that I know is the flight's days away.
There's not much to say.
If I give you away, would everything change?
Oh your voice in my head, is all I have left.
And I need to hear you.

You're scared of being alone.
And all that I wanted was someone like you.
I can't be sure if I'm dreaming.
And what i'm feeling is the start of the end.

I'm scared of being the wrong one.
For leaving us undone.
It's all I can do.
You're so sure that we could start over.
The night turns sweet, but bitter.
Now I'm lost for words.
Track Name: Deadlines
I missed out in so much in high school.
And I'm screwing up in college too.
There's a trick that keeps me from worry.
It's called forgetting, but it doesn't always come through.

And maybe I just think too much...
Are thoughts just for dreams and such?
Would it be so much better if I focus on this clutter
of papers that'll never be an A?

I guess it's just another deadline.
And I think I'm losing my mind.
I barely ever see the daylight.
Whatever happened to the time?

Do you remember nights on my rooftop?
The stars were as bright as our days.
Suddenly everything changes.
I just hope that it's what I expect.

And now I only feel like I'm reaching.
Each day feels the same and i need it to change.
If i could fall asleep before 3, maybe i'd get sleep.
And not always feel so behind.
Track Name: The Last Scene
This is for the last scene, of the last line, of the last song.
Where everyone's happy and nothing could go wrong.
It's a montage of smiles and bright thoughts.
And all the problems and bad vibes are gone.

Do you remember the days when we struggled?
The worst of emotions collide.
We've been running from rainclouds for years now, and found out.
That we don't have to live like this again.

We shoud float here in the waters
and forget about the people that owe us an apology
of any kind of sorrow.
Cause we've made mistakes too.

We could waste another minute
on behalf of what we can't change.
And give a second chance to someone who'll do the same.
I'd rather give it all away.
I'd rather give it all.

I never cared about high school, the prom nights, or the cat fights.
I just wanted friends who I could be myself around.
There's not a single regret I've had yet in this town.
And i'm planning on keeping it that way.


It's been 10 years now.
Since I moved down from California.
And started learning how to be an honest kid.
That doesn't have the time to show my weakness.

Cause the truth is, I'm so worthless.
Without God above me, giving this life purpose.
The rain I stand in, this eye of a hurricane.
Ya everything around is crashing.

So hold on to me.
Be my melody.
And never let yourself forget the memories.
It's not over...we last forever.
So why give in to the others?

I'd rather give it all away.
I'd rather give it all.